Eastenders spoilers

More recently, Eastenders has been pushing forward with exciting new storylines and many people just can’t get enough of the dramatic soap. But if the excitement has proven to be just too much for you, you can take a look at our Eastenders spoilers page here to discover some gossip and rumors on upcoming storylines that will be hitting your screens in the following days, weeks and even months.

Two young lovebird couples try to make it work!

On Eastenders next week, we will see Callum take the plunge and go on a date with ben Mitchell, but off course in true Eastenders style, nothing quite goes as planned. After Hunter held everyone hostage in the Queen Vic last week and with all the dramatic twists that unfolded, it has brought Callum and Ben closer together, and so they have decided to see how things go, and...

Eastenders Christmas Storyline revealed!

Eastenders writers are starting to tease out information about what may be happening in the Square this Christmas! Christmas in Eastenders is always dramatic and explosive, so we can’t wait to hear what’s in store for the Walford Residents. We’ve seen Ben Mitchell trying to tear apart the friendship that has appeared between his father Phil Mitchell and Keanu Taylor who is a mechanic for his dad. Keanu is...

Chantelles about to drop a bombshell on Gray!

Chantelle Atkins, played by Jessica Plummer, is about to make a shocking discovery this week when her husband Gray returns. Gray has been away on what he said was work commitments. The timing of his return is not great from Chantelle. Chantelle is going to make some big career changes, which Gray is not happy about. Chantelle has been preparing for an assessment at her styling styling job, which...

Ben crashes Whitney and Callums wedding, the drama unfolds!

As the time approaches for Whitney and Callum’s wedding, Ben turns against Whitney’s threat of staying away from the wedding. Ben arrives with his full suit on, storming up to the church.  Whitney is rightly furious at Ben turning up as she knows that her husband-to-be has had a gay fling with the Mitchell son, but will she reveal this in front of her mum Bianca, who turns up...

Bianca’s back, with secrets!

Back in the square, Bianca Jackson returns for the big celebration of Whitney and Callum’s wedding, which we are still unsure will go ahead, as we have seen Callum struggling with his sexually, after we heard about an old relationship with an army colleague Chris who died.  Bianca returns to Walford, but she seems to be holding in some secrets, which she is trying not to tell anyone, especially...

Eastenders Background

Eastenders is one of the most popular television soaps in the United Kingdom. It’s run for decades and has managed to create dozens of memorable characters while also establishing itself in the modern-day pop culture. 

Eastenders is a soap set in the fictional borough of Walford in East London. The borough, which is home to the famous Queen Vic pub and a small high street, is loosely based on Walthamstow’s high street market (One of the longest markets in Europe) and the London borough of Stratford; Walford is a combination of Walthamstow and Stratford. 

The show follows several families who all live in Walford as they go about their daily lives. When the show first debuted back in 1985 on BBC One, it consisted of families the Fowlers, Beales, Watts and Mitchells. 

One of the reasons the show is still so popular today is because it revolves around tight relationships and family, with each character having their own role in the tightly-knit community. 

However, that isn’t to say the show isn’t filled with drama, shocks and scandals. In fact, Eastenders is packed full of them! Since its launch, the show has had storylines on murder and affairs. It’s also tackled more sensitive topics including kidnapping, rape, mental health and abuse. 

Most people in the UK can look back at famous storylines from the show and recall exactly what happened. And most can also name off all of the classic characters from the Mitchells to the Beales. 

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Famous Eastenders Gossip, Facts And Mishaps

Since it first aired, Eastenders has won ten BAFTA Awards, twelve National Television Awards for Most Popular Serial Drama, eleven Best British Soap Awards, 13 Best Soap TV Quick and TV Choice Awards as well as four Royal Television Society Rewards. The show also won Inside Soap Awards’ Best Soap trophy for 14 years running.

Eastenders is known for numerous famous storylines including Who Shot Phil, a storyline that pulled in around 19 million viewers at its time, as well as the Who Killed Archie storyline which culminated in the soap’s first-ever live episode. Other famous plots include Zoe Slater’s adoption, child abuse through Phil Mitchell’s son Ben and a controversial storyline involving May Wright kidnapping a pregnant Dawn Swann. 

Recent storylines included a storyline on knife crime and another plot focusing on Ruby Allen which revolved around views of sexual consent. A groundbreaking episode part of this storyline saw several characters take part in a debate about consent while victim Ruby Allen listens to the characters’ opinions, including the men accused. 

The show is set to continue with these groundbreaking and gritty storylines in upcoming episodes. And if you can’t wait to find out what storylines will be debuting in the future, make sure to keep up-to-date with the latest Eastenders spoilers with our helpful page here or check out all the other soap spoilers on our site.

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