Bianca’s back, with secrets!

Back in the square, Bianca Jackson returns for the big celebration of Whitney and Callum’s wedding, which we are still unsure will go ahead, as we have seen Callum struggling with his sexually, after we heard about an old relationship with an army colleague Chris who died. 

Bianca returns to Walford, but she seems to be holding in some secrets, which she is trying not to tell anyone, especially when she reunites with her daughter Tiffany. Bianca appears to be acting quite shifty as if she is keeping something a secret, but will all be revealed at the wedding?

It seems that whatever she is hiding, she is going to great lengths to ensure that Tiffany, played by Maisie Smith, does not find out what the big secret is.  Bianca and Tiffany both seems to have secrets from each other, which makes it hard for them to have a close relationship. There seems to be stuff going on, but they don’t want to tell each other what is really going on. 

Patsy Palmer, who plays Bianca, has talked about how it was nice to get back into character, and the vibrant wardrobe of clothes she has to wear for that role!  Bianca still loves wearing a good neon leopard print outfit!

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