Ben crashes Whitney and Callums wedding, the drama unfolds!

As the time approaches for Whitney and Callum’s wedding, Ben turns against Whitney’s threat of staying away from the wedding. Ben arrives with his full suit on, storming up to the church.  Whitney is rightly furious at Ben turning up as she knows that her husband-to-be has had a gay fling with the Mitchell son, but will she reveal this in front of her mum Bianca, who turns up to celebrate the day. 

On Friday, we saw that Whitney finally found out about Calums secret liaison with Ben, however the barmaid still vowed to marry Callum despite all of this.   He cheated on her the night before their wedding, so Ben is going to do whatever it takes to hopefully make Callum come clean about his secret.

Whitney has had a lot of drama and disastrous relationships in the past, and knows that Callum, deep down is a good man, and would make a good husband, so she carries on with the charade, thinking that once they are married, everything will be okay.  Whitney hunts down Ben and grabs him by the throat, making it very clear that she will not be giving up Callum. She calls Ben pathetic, and that everyone has to miserable just because Ben had a tough life. 

Callum swore to Whitney that his liaison with Ben would never happen again and that it was a mistake.

Will Whitney go through with the wedding……

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