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Channel 5 offer some fantastic opportunities to win prizes in their viewer competitions. With Channel 5 competitions, the host shows vary much more than on the likes of ITV and comps can appear at any time. The most popular regular prize draw is The Gadget Show competition, whereby viewers have the chance to win a prize package packed with gadgets and electronic goods. Draws can also take place on documentaries, soaps and reality TV shows such as Neighbours and Big Brother.

The Latest Channel 5 Comps:

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Channel 5 Competitions Format

Channel 5 have always opted for the premium rate entry method of telephone. These days you can enter via SMS text message or the “free” postal method.

  • Send a text message containing specific text to a number.
  • Call a telephone number (this is not used very often now).
  • Send a postcard with your name and telephone number to an address.

Above are the 3 primary methods of entry. Entries typically cost £2 each + network fee. Postal entry is free, however you will need to purchase a stamp for per entry as each entry must be posted individually and cannot be hand delivered.

Example of a Channel 5 Comp

Below is an example of a Channel 5 comp from their coverage of the World’s Strongest Man.

Channel 5 competitions

As you can see, it is very similar prize draw format to other UK TV comps.

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