Hunter holds a pub full of people hostage, but who is his target???

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More action and drama back in the square happening for Mel and Hunter.  Hunter has recently escaped from prison, and now his mum, Mel is trying to help him to flee, as he has taken refuge with Mel, who is now planning to put Hunter in the boot of her car and escape with him. However as always on Eastenders, things don’t go to plan.  Mel is shocked when she finds that her son Hunter has disappeared from the boot. Not only this, but he has run away with Mel’s gun, and is now lying in wait at Jack’s house. Is hunter about to take revenge!

Hunter had gone to jail as he had shot Mel’s abusive husband who was Ray Kelly, after he had tried to strangle his mum.  It was Jack who handed in Hunter, so Hunter now wants his revenge as he feels betrayed by Jack.

As Mel is trying to plan the fleeing, she is stopped by one of her old friends, Lisa Fowler, who is trying to get Keanu and Louise out of the country, after the recent attack on Phil.  Mel makes the suggestion that they should all just flee together. Its at this point, that Hunter has disappeared. 

When Hunter finds out that Jack is actually at The Vic, he heads round there, with gun in hand, ready to take his revenge. He sneaks into the store with the barrel’s in it, ready to make his attack, but will he makes the shot!

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