Chantelles about to drop a bombshell on Gray!

Chantelle Atkins, played by Jessica Plummer, is about to make a shocking discovery this week when her husband Gray returns. Gray has been away on what he said was work commitments. The timing of his return is not great from Chantelle.

Chantelle is going to make some big career changes, which Gray is not happy about. Chantelle has been preparing for an assessment at her styling styling job, which all her colleagues have been supporting her for. Chantelle luckily ends up passing the assessment and then goes for drinks to celebrate at The Vic. Unfortunately Gray returns and sabotages the celebrations.

Gray wants to drag Chantelle home, but she stands her ground and much to his anger, she stays at the pub. When she does return home, Gray takes out his anger on Chantelle, however once again, Chantelle stands her ground, and it turns things around. Gray ends up begging for forgiveness, and all seems good, however Chantelle makes a shocking discovery.

Chantelle will be seen entering another competition where she makes it through to the final round. However Gray keeps constantly messaging her, and makes Chantelle forfeit her place in the competition. We will see her return home to Gray, who has set up a romantic meal for the two, and once again attacks Chantelle, however Chantelle then drops a bombshell, but what is it…..?

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