Things are hotting up in I’m a Celebrity …Get Me Out of Here!

Well the first week has passed and the contestants on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here are all still alive…at the moment.

Steve Davis
Steve Davis

There have already been some tears and tantrums and the distant rumble of a jungle romance might be in the air with Joey Essex and Amy Willerton batting their big old eyelashes at each other.

One celebrity that’s finding jungle life a little harder than perhaps he expected however is snooker player Steve Davis. Let’s face it snooker is not the hardiest of sports and while precision and a steady hand are required it is not a sport that prepares you for getting down and dirty in the Australian outback.

However regardless of his manliness Steve caused concern amongst his fellow I’m A Celebrity jungle dwellers as well as the producers of the show when he fainted in the jungle.

The panic was visible within the camp at the snooker champion hit the ground passing out and falling to the floor. Viewers at home were particularly concerned as well. Steve 56 hit the ground leaving fellow campmates Rebecca Adlington, Lucy Pargeter and Kian Egan rush to his side to try to revive him.

Of course it is no surprise that one might get ill within the camp, the lifestyle being quite different from what Steve is used to at home. However it seems the lack of food will have been the cause for Steve to faint as the jungle meals are a far cry from the heart home-cooked ones he is used to. Steve, who is a father of two had seemed to be rather enjoying jungle life and wasn’t complaining about his new diet in fact claiming he was quite looking forward to devouring some bugs on the show. Before he arrived he announced

“Like many viewers, I would like to know, faced with a plate of animal innards or a cockroach-filled space helmet, whether I could handle it.”

It seems that while he is not squeamish about the creepy crawlies that he has to stomach it is rather their lack of nutritional value that has caused him to get ill.

Still he was quickly back on his feet and is soldering on, let’s hope he and his teammates can win some stars in the next bush tucker trials so it doesn’t happen again!

Image courtesy of mhoeffken