ITV Jungle Jackpot – I’m A Celebrity competition – free entry

The ITV Jungle Jackpot is a free-entry I’m A Celebrity competition that launched in 2019 and is available to all UK residents over 18 years of age and not connected to ITV. You can only enter the competition using the online entry method and you must answer 3 questions in 60 seconds to doso!

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Jungle Jackpot questions


How to enter the Jungle Jackpot

You must first answer three multiple-choice questions correctly within 60 seconds. These questions are usually related to ITV, the jungle or I’m a Celebrity. If you answer all three questions correctly you will be given the opportunity to enter the prize draw the prices for the prize draw have been £10,000 for the winter.

What are some examples of the competition questions?

The 3 questions are usually quite easy, but the 60 second counter can be intimidating! Here are questions from Wednesday 20th November 2019:

  1. In which country is I’m a Celebrity…get me out of here filmed? A: Australia B: Iceland
  2. What is the largest rain forest in the world? A: The Amazon B: The New Forrest
  3. What sweet treat is usually heated over a campfire? A: Ice-cream B: Marshmallows

How many I’m A Celebrity competition winners are there?

For the Jungle Jackpot there have been 6 winners per competition – 1 grand prize winner (£10,000 cash) and 5 runners up (£1,000 each) however it’s a new I’m A Celeb comp so we can’t say for sure. I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here also have their main competition however there is a £2 entry fee.

Here at TV Comp UK we aim to provide you with the questions and answers to the ITV Jungle Jackpot competition so you can answer them quickly and easily without panic.

How to enter the Jungle Jackpot prize draw?

After you have submitted your answers you have max 10 minutes to submit your name to the prize draw. Currently the draw closes at 8:30pm and there is often a big rush when it’s announced on ITV – so we recommend getting in early.

If you’re entry is not submitted before 8:30pm it will not be counted and ITV take no responsibility for any problems with the website or your internet connection – you have been warned!

This is a great opportunity to enter an I’m A Celebrity competition at zero cost with a great prize to win. So go ahead and enter the Jungle Jackpot competition – answers are here! Good Luck!

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