I’m A Celebrity…We have a winner!

Im-a-celebrity-winner-2012We’ve enjoyed 3 weeks of watching 12 celebrities in the depths of an Australian jungle, doing the most gruelling, jaw-dropping, eye-squinting tasks!  It was a very close race to the last few minutes of voting for the two semi-finalists, Charlie Brooks and Ashley Roberts were both very deserving of the highly sought after Jungle crown!

However in their last Jungle task, we watched them support each other through the stomach churning eating contest, as they devoured brains, bugs and even eye balls of various creatures! After both completeing this task, they got to devour an amazing Mexican feast, which left their stomachs full to bursting, the first real feast in 3 weeks! Both Ashley and Charlie we’re highly commended by their fellow contestants for there confidence and level-headedness throughout the 3 weeks. They managed to amuse, entertain and sympathise on every level with their group, and it came down to very close public voting between the two very-deserving girls.

And so, the public voted, and a winner emerged…..Eastenders star Charlie Brooks was crowned Queen of the jungle 2012!

She becomes the 4th Jungle Queen since the start of the series. Charlie came across as one of the more motherly characters of the group, being the first person to confront fellow soapstar Helen Flanaghan regarding her lack of confidence over winning any tasks, and leaving the group starving for another night! We saw a very heart-warming moment between mother and daughter, as Charlies daughter ran on screen near the end, and we could see what the other contestants all saw in this confident young mother.

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