I’m a Celebrity 2013 Contestants Get First Jungle Trial

The I’m a Celebrity — Get me Out of Here contestants are getting their first jungle trials and it won’t turn out rosy for all of them. With all the fanfare and excitement that started the show, the contestants now get to see what they are made of as far as jungle survivors go… Looks like some of them are happier in the studio.

joey essex

After being split into two teams, they competed for food and the best camp, Croc Creek, in a bid to spend their first few days in the jungle in relative luxury.

One celebrity at a time from each team lay in a glass coffin and had to complete a star-shaped jigsaw puzzle as fast as they could while creepy crawlies were poured on them.

Every completed puzzle was worth one meal for their team.

The losers will have to live on basic rations in the smaller Snake Rock camp, on the remote Stradbroke Island, home to ticks, leeches and venomous snakes.

It’s scratching the hell out of me. He’s biting me

Joey Essex

The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex lost his cool when lizards were released on to his chest, saying: “It’s scratching the hell out of me. He’s biting me.”

Snooker star Steve Davis and The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air actor Alfonso Ribeiro were given the much tougher task of coping with scorpions being dropped on them.

Davis, known as Nugget for his coolness under pressure during his snooker career, coped well but US star Ribeiro was shaken by the trial.

He wiped tears from his eyes as he told camp mates on his return: “It will take me a second to de-compose [sic]. That was tougher than I thought.”


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I’m a Celebrity 2013 is getting into first gear as their jungle tests and adventures begin. Let’s see who can stomach it all and end up on top.  Who’s your favourite?  Who do you think will win?  Are they they same person?

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