Xfactor – Double Audition Weekend 3 – 14th/15th Sep Round-up

X-Factor – Weekend 3 14th/15th September

X Factor 2013 : Week 3 Roundup

1/ Souli roots

Souli roots – Singer Songwriter sang her own ‘Recession’ song! powerful red head who wants to be the next Bob Marley

1st Audition: Souli Roots – ‘Recession Song’

  • you’re very fun and bubbly personality, might not be right for us” – Sharon
  • feel good vibes” – Nicole

2nd Audition: Bob Marley – ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’

  • The singing was just alright” – Gary
  • Good job” – Nicole
  • We need some more Reggae on X-Factor” – Louis

2/ Lydia Lucy

Lydia Lucy, 19, student – Sharon felt Lydia didn’t know who she is but has a good voice

1st Audition:  Jessie J – ‘Mamma knows best’

  • “You hit us with everything you had, well done” – Gary
  • “You’d be good in a girl band” – Sharon

    Lydia Lucy
    Lydia Lucy

2nd Audition:  Michael Jackson – ‘The way you make feel’

  • “You can sing and you owned it” – Nicole
  • “This was actually better than your first audition” – Sharon

3/ Jeanette Akua

Jeanette Akua, Beauty Consultant, 21 – Shes from a Tribe in South Africa and very impressively spoke in her native language for the judges

1st Audition:  Lady Gaga – ‘Bad Romance’
2nd Audition: Birdy – ‘Skinny Love’

  • “You have star quality” – Louis
  • “You are a vision” – Sharon

4/ Rough Copy(Group)

Sterling 28, Joe 26 and Kaz 24 – On Xfactor in 2012 they got through to Judges houses however visa problems meant they couldn’t audition in front of Louis in Las Vegas to get through to the show. At this years performance they wooed all the judges one by one, and performed a very professional performance.

Rough Copy
Rough Copy

1st Audition:  Jessie J – ‘Do it like a dude’

  • “Now that is what I call a rough copy experience” – Nicole
  • “You worked us, individually” – Sharon

2nd Audition: One Direction – ‘Little Things’

  • “The audience love you, there’s a great synergy between the three of you” – Gary Barlow
  • “Very smooth performance” – Sharon
  • “You know how to work the room” – Louis
  • “That’s how its done” – Nicole

5/ Stephanie Woods

Stephanie Woods, 20 – At 14 she entered Xfactor 2007 and got through to the judges houses. She sang for Sharon in her home in Los Angeles, however Sharon felt it was
not the right time for her. When Stephanie heard Sharon was back on the judging panel, she decided to enter again

1st Audition:  Snow Patrol – ‘Run’

  • “I’m glad you came back” – Sharon

2nd Audition: Celine Dion – ‘I drove all night’ and Eva Cassidy – ‘Songbird’

After questioning whether her song choices were outdated, she managed to get 4 yes’s from the judges.  Nicole felt the audience saved her.

6/ Kingsland(Group)

Kingsland(Group) Josh,Thomson,Matt,Connor,Jay (19-24) – Thomson and Connor were college mates who wanted to start a band, they got 3 others on board and became Kingdom

1st Audition:  Swedish House Mafia – ‘Don’t you worry Child’

  • “I dig you boys” – Nicole
  • “Theres something great here” – Louis

2nd Audition: Bruno Mars – ‘Treasure’

  • “We need to work on some of those vocals” – Nicol
  • “Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it” – Louis

7/ Next of Kin(Group) –  3 brothers

2nd Audition: Lone star – ‘Amazed’

  • “Its great to hear three brothers in total perfect harmony” – Louis
  • “Vocally it is absolutely seamless” – Gary

8/ Nicolas MacDonald

Dressed dapper in a shirt, pink tie and waistcoat.  He said he felt it was the only thing he was good at.

Nicholas MacDonald
Nicholas MacDonald

1st Audition: Westlife – ‘You raise me up’

  • “You have talent, its a raw talent” – Nicole
  • “In a years time, you’d probably be a finalist” – Gary

2nd Audition: Christina Perri – ‘A thousand years’

  • “You have a gorgeous voice” – Nicole
  • “You owned that audition” – Sharon
  • “You nailed that, that was just incredible” – Louis
  • “Completely knocked it out of the park” – Gary

The ones who didnt make it

James McDonald, 25, Bus Driver, singing is an escape for him

Audition 1: Stevie Wonder – ‘lately
Good audition, not perfect by any means‘ – Gary
Audition 2: Daniel Merriweather – ‘Red Lyrics
I dont think you’re up to the level‘ – Sharon