X Factor creator Simon Cowell to be a doting dad?

Will the notoriously harsh X Factor judge soften when his new baby arrives?

Simon Cowell is not known for his gentle, affectionate, loving ways. When we imagine him we think of the dreams of all the poor little superstar wannabees that he has crushed with his rather scathing, eye rolling reactions as they sing, act, and dance their hearts out in many of the reality TV programmes he has fronted.

However Amanda Holden, his co-star on the popular ITV show Britains Got Talent has claimed that Simon will make an incredible father and will dote on his young one no end. Simon is expecting a baby with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman
Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman

They have caused recent stirs in the press as their relationship came to light during Silverman’s divorce to her husband real estate mogul and multi-millionaire Andrew Silverman.

Cowell was named in the divorce papers and one of the reasons the couple split sparking rumours of an affair between the two which caused a great deal of controversy since the pair were supposed to be good friends.

However unscrupulous it may have seemed Cowell has stepped up to his responsibilities and is now dating Silverman and has claimed he is very excited about the imminent birth of his child. His celebrity friends seem firmly behind him as well with Britains Got Talent Judge Amanda Holden gushing that the child will be ‘the centre of his life’ in an interview with the Express. She also said  “It will be a huge love affair for him. I think he will talk to the baby in an honest way – like he does with the BGT judges.” Just as long as he doesn’t expect too much too soon, but perhaps Cowell already has plans for his child to be a star. Certainly it will grow up in the limelight and we are sure Cowell will adopt a no expense is too great attitude to make sure his child has the absolute best of everything.

Holden is a mum of two so perhaps knows the traits of a good parent and certainly can offer Simon some tips when it comes to nappy changing and staying up all night!

Recently Cowell and Silverman’s relationship has been under fire with reports that the couple have been fighting. A picture of Cowell’s ex girlfriend Terri Seymour sitting on his lap at his 54th birthday party added fuel to the fire. However recent snaps of the couple out together and looking relaxed and happy after sharing a romantic dinner at Hollywood’s exclusive restaurant Cercconi’s perhaps tell a different story. Certainly the trip they took on a private jet seemed to have made up for it. Lauren showed off her ever growing baby bump in a snug fitting black vest top and jeans as she boarded the plane.

We are sure that the couple will remain united and excited as their due date looms.

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