X Factor competition – win £25,000 + Barbados holiday : Sat 24 Nov 2012

X Factor 2012 competition win £25,000 & Barbados holiday
X Factor competition question – 24th November 2012

Prize Draw closes for entries online at 5.00 p.m. on Thursday 13 December 2012

No question to answer for the

X Factor competition

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As the X Factor contest nears its close, there may be a lot of controversy, but the viewer prize is still massive!

Enter The X Factor Competition 6 Times

Everyone can enter the X Factor competition six times per phone number. It does not matter which entry method you use (telephone call, sms text or online) you can massively increase your chances of winning by entering six times. Entry via phone or text will cost over £1, however online entry by itv.com competitions page is completely FREE. We always publish the links here on ITV competitions so you never miss a winning chance!

Good Luck!
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X Factor Competition 2012 : 24th November Prize

This week you can win a massive cash prize of £25,000 – the odds are much better than winning the lottery, especially if you follow our advice and enter six times. It will also cost a lot less than playing the lottery if you follow the link to itv.com competitions as entry is free!

The second part of this weeks X Factor competition prize is a fabulous holiday to Barbados for you and three of your (best!) friends. You’ll be staying in a villa with your own swimming pool. You’ll be treated to a half day spa session at Royal Westmoreland Indulgence Spa – all of you! And an all-inclusive Catamaran Cruise around the island which includes snorkelling, cocktails & lunch! As if that wasn’t a big enough prize, ITV will also send a chef to your villa on one night where he will prepare a meal especially for you and provide two bottles of wine. Pure luxury for you and three friends in 2013 🙂

This Week’s X Factor Drama

So it seems people are actually starting to worry that Christopher Maloney might win the X Factor! With his power-rock ballads and cheese-infested performances, in my opinion, he falls only behind one other contestant in the competition…and I bet you can all guess who that is! Christopher certainly seems like a lovely guy (as does Rylan Clark) and he works hard but does that justify being crowned XFactor 2012 champion? Nah!

With most of my favourites being out, I’m glad my number one, James Arthur is still in the running. Bit of a discrace that him and Ella Henderson were in the final two last week; its a strange competition sometimes! Although James has publically predicted a Jahame Douglas win, I still think James Arthur is the ultimate deserving winner of the X Factor. Problem is that a lot of James Arthur fans are not the type of people to vote in these reality shows…as was proved last week with him and Ella. Although this may be a good thing because if he comes in as runner up then he does not have to do as X Factor tell him; he’s a free man! Although in fairness, X Factor have done nothing to try and change him.

Aww bless…I don’t think James wanted to let go of her after the winner was announced 🙁

So this week I’m really hoping Rylan and Christopher are in the bottom two…even though I’d like to hear James perform a 2nd time 😉

X Factor 2012 Competition Reminder

This year it seems you can enter every X Factor competition six times per phone number and there is no question to answer. Be sure to enter online at itv.com coz it will cost you nothing! GOOD LUCK!

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