Week 6 – Strictly Come Dancing – the results live!

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This weekend on strictly is the Halloween special! Last night was a spooktacular evening of dancing, and we can’t wait for all the results tonight!

Tonight the dancers have kicked things off with an intoxicating routine to Britney Spears – ‘Toxic’ song!

Michelle and Visage got their first 10s last night, and Will Bayley is straight through to next week due to an injury.

And the board:

1/ Michelle & Giovanni scored 39 and get 10 points
2/ Kelvin & Oti scored 36 and get 19 points
3/ Alex & Kevin scored 34 and get 8 points
4/ Saffron & AJ scored 33 and get 7 points
5/ Emma & Aljaz scored 30 and get 6 points
6/ Karim & Amy scored 29 and get 5 points
9/ Emma & Anton scored 28 and get 4 points
11/ Mike & Katya scored 26 and get 3 points
8/ Catherine & Johannes scored 24 and get 2 points
10/ Chris & Karen scored 23 and get 1 points

The first couple in the dance-off are Catherine and Johannes!

The second couple who will have to dance again are Mike & Katya

Craig voted for: Mike
Motsi voted for: Catherine
Bruno voted for: Catherine
Shirley decided to save:Mike

This week we say goodbye to Catherine

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