Week 3, Strictly Come Dancing, the results are in!!

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Once again, the lights were dimmed and we waited to hear who’s staying and who has to dance again to be saved from elimination.

In the first round of results, we found out that Anneka and Kevin are in the bottom two.  Shirley told them to just enjoy the dance and have a good time.

In the second round, we found out that David and Nadia are in the bottom two again.  The judges had seen improvement from last week, but they have to perform again to stay in the competition.
Bruno said to David “Feel confident in yourself”.

Anneka and Kevin performed their Kill Bill routine first, with the aid of sword sticks.

David and Nadia performed their Batman inspired routine second, with David dressed as Batman.

Craig voted for: David
Motsi voted for: David
Bruno voted for: David

Therefore we have to say goodbye to Anneka and Kevin!

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