Vinnie Jones pledges fees to hospitals that treated his late wife

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Upcoming X-Factor contestant has announced that any proceeds or winnings he receives from the show will be given to the hospitals that treated his wife Tanya until she passed away recently. The acting star made his promise on Twitter, saying “I’ve decided any proceeds of a record contract from X-factor will go to Harefield hospital and Cedars Sinai.”

Tanya fought three different forms of cancer for an outstanding six years before tragically passing away on July 6th. The pair both suffered from Melanoma in 2013, and the former footballer is understandably devastated by the news.

Vinnie was originally scheduled to perform with the rest of the contestants when X-Factor kicked off a few weeks ago, but he understandably chose to take the time off. He now appears to be motivated to come on and do his best. He tweeted “I called Piers (Morgan) when I heard the X-factor wanted me on the show he said Simon would appreciate it and go do it for Tansy.”

Last Saturday’s viewing gave us a glimpse of what Vinnie had to say. He spoke with judge Simon Cowell on the phone and said he just had to “learn to carry the grief”. His emotional interview on Good Morning Britain has already had many people sympathising and he’s sure to receive support when he arrives on X-Factor for soldiering through such tough times.

After 25 years of marriage, the loss of his wife is likely to greatly impact his performance on X-Factor, and everyone is just hoping that the limelight won’t be too much when he comes along for his first performance on Saturday. We’ve no idea what he’ll bring to the stage yet but if he does walk away with a record deal, Harefield hospital and Cedars Sinai will be very lucky.

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