This autumn on Casualty – Part Two!

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Coming up on Casualty this autumn…part two

Recently we saw David in a very dramatic episode featuring his son falling off a bridge into a river. Thus followed a very dramatic rescue scene by David, in true casualty style. Since this happening, Ollie decided that he wanted to live with his dad full-time, which is quite unsettling for David who suffers from a lot of problems of his own. David certainly likes things to be a certain way, so will his son living with him, upset the apple cart? Also is love in the air for David and porter Rosa, as we’ve seen a lot of mutual affection between them throughout the months.

Another character who may be about to become romantically involved again, is Connie. Casualty have let slip that she may be getting a surprising new love interest when she returns next year. However they have teased, it may be very hard to work out who it is, ie its not maybe some of the obvious characters. This romance will be a bit of a slow burner, but definitely a head turner.

After paramedic Iain leaving, he was quickly replaced by new paramedic Lev, played by Uriel Emil. He will be arriving later in the month, and again in true Casualty style, nothing ever happens without some drama! Again Casualty have teased us, that there will be a lot more focus on the paramedic team throughout the months, and Lev will be playing quite a central role in all this.

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