The X factor as a TV show (History)

The X factor is very good platform for people who want to become famous for their vocal talent. You must be aware of the immensely popular series called American Idol. The X factor is in the same genre. But it seems it is a larger platform because whereas American Idol recognises individual talent, the X factor assesses both groups as well as individuals. You must be minimum twelve years of age and surely you can take part in the X factor auditions. To gather further knowledge as to how to enter into the competition you must log on to and visit their ITV competitions section.

The history of the X factor show

All of us are aware of the name of American Idol but few have heard the name of Pop Idol. This was the English version of the same show but it did not gather much popularity. At the same time, when the second season was losing on the charts, Simon Cowell was one of the judges of the Pop Idol declared on ITV that he was initiating another live TV talent hunt show called the X factor. Initially the first few seasons in the UK did not gather a big fan following but as time passed and the level of the competition increased, the show caught the rating. The show became so popular in UK that soon in the year 2009; Simon Cowell declared is intensions if starting the same show for the American population. His contract expired after the ninth season in UK and after that he was free to start the new series. Since then there has been no looking back and the first season was very popular. Additionally Sony Music joined hands with Cowell and till date has one of the largest prize amounts- $5 million!

The method of assessment of the X factor

There is a very big competition in the X factor and this is the reason if its popularity. The best singers in the country gather to compete at the platform and give their best to win $5 million prize money. The money comes in form of music contract with Syco Music and the money is guaranteed. There are five stages that you need to get through. The very first stage is the Producers Auditions that will determine whether you are talented enough to sing in front of the judges. After passing out from the first stage you go to the second round which is the Judges Audition and here the judges assess your talent. You need the approval of minimum three votes from the judges to pass to the next round called the Boot camp. All along this way the contestants are polished and refined and one who fails to evolve is left back. The thirty two contestants ultimately reach the Judges houses and the corresponding judge from each house is now responsible for the guidance of the contestants.

After coming across these four stages in The X factor, the talents reach the live shows and the audience chose their own winner of the X factor.

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