Tamera is out of the X Factor!

After an intense sing off with co star Luke Friend the young favourite Tamera Foster is the latest contestant to say farewell to the X Factor competition.

This year the X Factor has lived up to all expectations. With a variety of talent being unearthed. The judges had to make some tough decisions along the way, not least whittling it down to their final acts to take through to the live shows, but did they pick the right people? Well that’s anyone’s guess and certainly it seems it is the judges themselves that seem most shocked when the acts they hand picked out of tens of thousands are given the boot by the general public.

This week’s episode was no exception with yet another so called ‘favourite’ exiting the show in this, the last few weeks of X Factor 2013. It was with tears and a smile that Tamera Foster said goodbye, and while much praise was heaped on her not just by mentor Nicole Scherzinger, but also the other judges, it wasn’t enough to save her as the vote went to deadlock and Luke Friend was yet again saved. During the sing off, Tamera went for Christina Aguilera’s ‘The Voice Within’ while Luke chose  ‘Light Up’ by Snow Patrol.

Tamera has performed consistently throughout the show and this weekend was no exception as she wowed both audiences, judges and the public at home in both her performances. She did not falter, she did not mess up or forget her words, so we wonder what was it that landed her in the bottom two this week?

Perhaps it is simply that  time in the show where the competition is so fierce that any elimination is bound to upset someone. At least the 16 year old took it gracefully, as the news was delivered she hugged fellow contestant and victor Luke, and although unable to contain her very obvious devastation she said

“I have had the most amazing time, I couldn’t have hope for anything more.”


However perhaps this isn’t the last we have seen of the singer. She is only 16 after all and both Gary and Nicole expressed their confidence in her talent and her future as a big star. Nicole claimed:

“Five years in the future, she is going to be the most successful.”

Of course we can’t forget that two of the judges may have disagreed -as Louis Walsh (who is Luke’s mentor) and Sharon Osborne both voted for Luke over Tamera to be kept in the show. Louis obviously felt that Luke was the better act, and in fact the most talented competitor saying: “You’re easily the best person on that stage”.  Sharon Osborne agreed, praising Luke for his natural performance.

Many viewers of course may have missed all the excitement due to the technical problems ITV was faced with when a screen blackout left over one million viewers without access! ITV took to Twitter to apologise for the inconvenience and explain the fault to the many frustrated viewers. Many fans of the show will have been left disappointed as ITV had to tweet the results of the live showdown to them instead of them being able to see the action and  drama on screen for themselves.

@itv tweeted: “#blankscreenupdate The act leaving #xfactor is Tamera. Luke is safe.”

The blackout also affected another popular ITV show ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here’

ITV will be left frustrated as viewing figures dropped dramatically as the blackout took place, with The X Factor’s viewing audience falling from just over 9 million in the five minutes from 8.25pm to 6.8 million at 8.40pm. A massive drop. ITV apologised to the many disappointed viewers with a spokesperson saying:

“There was a transmission issue last night that affected ITV viewers in northern and central regions. We apologised to viewers for the inconvenience caused.”

Of course this was not the only drama to take place on the show. Previous X Factor winner James Arthur who snapped up the title in 2012 also performed on the show. This caused quite a stir as the artist has previously ruffled some feathers due to his controversial diss track where he used homophobic language to provoke MC Micky Worthless.

Arthur upset so many people that an online petition was presented to ITV bosses to stop him from performing on the show. However they perhaps saw this as an opportunity for him to try to make amends and he did admit he had ‘made some mistakes’ and apologised for abusing his position.

Rebecca Ferguson who was runner up in 2010 also appeared on last weekends show to perform her new single ‘I hope.’ We haven’t seen a great deal of the singer since she performed in the competition but her music certainly seemed very popular with the audience and judges alike.

Now it’s less than two weeks until the final, and with only four acts remaining the competition is more exciting than ever.  We’ll join Sam, Rough Copy and Nicholas McDonald and Luke next weekend to find out who stays and who goes through to the last ever shows of 2013!

Image courtesy of en.wikpedia.org