Strictly’s Craig reveals past sugar daddy

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Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel has surprised fans by announcing that when he was younger he had a sugar daddy who paid his fees for dance school.

The 55-year-old was born in Ballarat, Australia and kicked off his career as a dancer in Melbourne. However, his success couldn’t have been achieved without going through dance school. Craig was only 17 at the time but has insisted that he “knew what he was doing.”

Whilst people haven’t really knocked Craig for partaking in the relationship, which included a six-week world tour, some claim that the need for such a situation arising is problematic. Whilst Craig exhibited talent and a willingness to learn, he wasn’t given an opportunity to grasp this potential and so was financially coerced as a legal child to enter a relationship with a 43-year-old.

Craig’s career has come on leaps and bounds since, and he is now arguably the most recognisable face on Strictly Come Dancing. The dance competition show has risen above similar shows to become the heavyweight in its category.

He probably has no regrets considering success. Young talents hope that they can achieve success by relying on support from sources other than wealthy individuals expecting sex. Whilst people have argued wealthy individuals should help fund education for those who’d benefit from it, the system that means children offer sexual relations in return is a skewed one.

Craig is now in a fulfilling relationship with gardener Jonathon Myring, who’s 22 years younger than him.

The pair seem very happy, and the dance judge has spoken of his hopes to grow their family soon. Jonathon said “I’d love to adopt. I’d like two in one go, hopefully siblings. Craig and I are on the same page.”

Craig told Event Magazine that he “thinks it’s a really good idea.”

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