Shock discovery for one Coronation Street Resident – what will happen!!!

This story sees one resident struggling with a new discovery that makes them question whether Coronation Street is the right place for them. 

This story revolves around Emma Brooker (played by Alexandra Mardell). Emma finds out that her dad is ill in hospital, but a series of events prevents her from immediately going to visit him.  Firstly she decides to babysit Joseph Brown and then is later asked by Maria (played by Samia Longchambon) to look after Liam Connor, which then consequently makes her late for her visit to see her dad.

When she finally makes the visit to see her dad, she finds out that his condition is much worse than she realised. She finds out he has stomach cancer, and his condition is terminal.

After finding out this news, she turns to Maria for support. Not only has she found out this devastating news, but she also finds out her mother Fiona Middleton (played by Angela Griffith) is refusing to come back from Australia to visit her dad. However, this will not only be shocking in itself, as Emma finds out from her mum that Steve McDonald (played by Simon Gregson) is actually her real father. A heartbroken Emma, finds  this news really tough to take and makes the decision that she should leave the street after finding all this out. However can newly found father Steve help to persuade her to stay?

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