Set your Sky Boxes For ITV’s The Wedding Shop!

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This Thursday 28th February at 9 PM GTM, ITV’s The Wedding Shop show is expected to draw one million viewers. What is it?  It’s a 60 minute documentary following three brides through the trial sand tribulations of pre-marriage bliss.  Well that might be overstating it because as you probably know there is so much to do before the Big Day!  We’re sure you’ll enjoy the show, so read all about it and prepare.

Now, if you follow me over on Twitter or Facebook, you will know that I love a bit of telly as much as the next person.  My absolute favourite type of telly?  Downton Abbey.  End of.

Lady Mary and co aside though, reality style documentaries or shows like The Apprentice, Grand Designs orOne Born Every Minute take the biscuit for me (although given my own personal circumstances right now – huge bump and just about to pop – I’ve been avoiding that last one diligently).

So imagine my excitement when my friend Abbi at Confeffi and Lace – remember our huge £2,000 wedding dress giveaway here on the wedding blog last year?! – told me all about the one hour ITV film documentary that has followed their boutiques (mainly their Pudsey branch here in Yorkshire) their staff, what bridal retailers do and some of their lovely customers over 10 months last year.

“Anyone can walk through the door. We never know what we’re getting. In our diary all we’ve got is a name. Three hours later we probably know their life story from start to finish.”  Marg, Wedding Shop Assistant

The Wedding Shop is on prime time ITV, 9pm on Thursday 28th February (this Thursday!) and is estimated to draw over one million viewers. One million!  Abbi tells us that “We’re already overrun in the shops with appointments so it’s great for us, all our suppliers, associates, Leeds, Harrogate, Yorkshire and the Wedding Industry”.  And that, readers, makes me very happy indeed.

The Wedding Shop courtesy of ITV

From the ITV press centre: Every year around 250,000 couples tie the knot in the UK. Confetti and Lace is one of Yorkshire’s busiest wedding shops with up to 100 brides a month coming to choose that all important item, their wedding dress.

The Wedding Shop provides a funny, heartfelt and unique insight into British lives and attitudes to marriage.  This new 60-minute documentary follows day-to-day life at the shop and the stories of three brides as they approach their big day. In doing so it captures a glimpse into the lives of families at one of the most stressful and happiest times they will ever experience.

From tears and tantrums to weather mishaps and family fallouts, shop owner Abbi Lewis has learnt to expect the unexpected and admits to having seen it all. She explains: “Not everything goes to plan. I’ve seen bridesmaids slap each other.”   But along with her two right-hand women Marg and Jane, their shared enthusiasm and love of their jobs is without question and they inevitably become very emotionally attached to their brides. As Marg explains: “Every single day we hear a different story and everything is different. You never, ever get bored of this job because every single girl is unique.” Jane explains: “Probably a good comparison, although not the same, is a midwife, who’s there for the birth of somebody’s child. You’re there for the build-up to somebody’s wedding day so if we can make that little bit of a difference, and make it perfect, then it’s a good job done.”

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So set your Sky boxes for ITV’s The Wedding Shop this Thursday at 9 PM.  You won’t be disappointed.  Do you know anyone that’s getting married this spring?  Tell them about the show so they can get an insight into what to expect.

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