Sally gets angry at Abi on on Coronation Street this week!

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Back on the cobbles in Coronation street his week, Sally Metcalfe is out for blood as she ends up in a very bitter feud with her lodger Abi Franklin. Abi was in prison with Sally, and when the pair got out, Sally had started to help Abi get her life back on the street. Abi is a car mechanic and started working for Sallys ex-husband Kevin. However the two who first struck up a great friendship, which now looks like it could be developing into more, as sparks are set to fly between the two.

Sally had actually tried to set the two up together, as Sally is now happily married to Tim Metcalfe. Abi however only ever saw the two of them as friends, and even went as far as to encourage Kevin to go on dates with more women.

The drama all starts to unfold the night before the mechanic Abi is due to take her GCSE for Maths, but she ends up hitting the pub. Sally is not overly impressed when she finds Abi has a hangover the next day, as Sally trying to help Abi get her life back together. However Abi thinks that the hangover helped distract her from her nerves, and therefore it was ok.
Sally however gets angry at Abi, and lashes out saying the only reason Abi and Kevin are being friends is because of the windfall of cash that Kevin recently got.

What will become of Kevin and Abi’s friendship? Is Sally actually jealous of their friendship?

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