Home and Away Robbo and Justin come to blows over baby Grace

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Back in Summer Bay, Robbo and Justin are at loggerheads after what happened to Tori. Tori gave birth to a baby daughter, grace, however she quickly suffered a stroke, after weeks of hiding out in a safe house.

Tori was a popular doctor on the show, and is now left on life support, as the actual actress, is off on maternity leave in real life.

After the birth of Grace, and what has happened to Tori, the future of Grace is now in question. Robbo is determined to keep Grace living with him and Jasmine, as its better for her to be with her father. However Tori’s brother, Justin is not happy about this. He thinks that after everything Robbo has been through and Tori being away in hiding, that Grace should be living with his family, until Tori gets better again. Justin fears that Robbo is already writing off Tori, and wants to keep Grace to himself. Just in has heard rumours that Robbo isn’t coping well and storms over to Robbos place to get Grace back. The twoo nearly come to dramatic blows over the whole thing, with Robbo outright refusing to hand Grace over.

This week we’ll see things taken up a new level, as Justin threatens to take Robbo to court over a custody battle for Grace.

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