Rhona’s secret is almost out in Emmerdale

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Emmerdale’s Vanessa Woodfield caught Rhona Goskirk out as the mum’s hidden plan to leave the country threatened to unravel. Rhona pleaded with Vanessa to keep her secret under wraps so they can leave before word gets out, but there’s still time for Marlon and others to find out.

Earlier Rhona was visibly infuriated that Marlon had seemed to take Leo’s passport when visiting her house. Quick to act though, she organised a solution and rushed off to get a replacement before their imminent flight.

Thinking that everything was under control and the rest of their move might go smoothly, Vanessa turned up unexpectedly.

With packed suitcases filling the lounge, Vanessa’s suspicions were raised. As Rhona deflected her questions, the leaflets for Marlon’s new school caught her eye, and the jig was up.

Rhona was forced to come clean and Vanessa left angrily just as Cain Dingle got home.

The pair panicked, not knowing whether their secret was safe.

We’re yet to find out if the little family will make it to France without resistance.

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