Ready…Steady…Bake…Here’s our live review of the 1st weeks episode of this years The Great British Bake Off 2019 – Part One!

Its the 10th anniversary of The Great British Bake Off and tonight sees the launch of this years Bake off Season – READY…..STEADY….BAKE!!!

13 home bakers from across the country and at any point there could be 2 contestants, off the show on one night. What will Paul and Prue think of this years bakers dozen!

And so we’re off:
1st signature challenge is a Fruit Cake
Any size, any shape, but with a significant amount of fruit! The contestants have 2 and half hours for their first bake and ensure its decorated beautifully.

Pauls advice – Its all about the consistency of the batter, too thin, the fruit will drop to the bottom, too thick and all the fruit will stay at the top. Get the balance right, and it will bake beautifully.

Amelia, a fashion designer from Halifax, who has baked with her mum since she was 5. She’s making a Christmas cake, heating the fruit first and adding brandy!

Jamie is also using his grandma’s recipe, passed down through the generations. Jamie is 22 and is on a gap year with his twin brother.

Michelle is making a cake using strong tea to soak the fruit, and with eggs from her own three chickens!

Steph is using her Grandma Rosies recipe. She’s from Chester and works at her mums classic car business. She’s making a Citrus and apricot fruit cake, with candied oranges and rose decorations.

Rosie is another one using her grandmas recipe. She’s using mango fruit in her cake. Rosie is a vet from Somerset. She has a pet Python! She’s making a Spicy Chai Loaf!

Michael, who was raised in Perthshire has an Indian heritage he is incorporating making a Chai Cake.  Ow! We see Michael cutting his fingers for the 2nd time!!

Dan is making a last minute change to his recipe, he’s making a much bigger cake. He lives in Rotherham and is a support worker. He’s making a Jamaican Rum Cake!

David is from Yorkshire, and is an international health advisor who likes to keep fit.  He is making a cake with no fat! Using carrot and squash with his fruit!

Phil is a lorry driver from Essex who has 2 daughters and wife Angelia. He’s making a spiced fruit cake with a rum glaze.

Whilst the cakes are baking the, decorations are getting made.

Priya is making a sunshine cake. She is an aspiring novelist and has 2 young kids. She’s filling it with dried tropical fruit.

Alice is also going from a standout look with her fruit decoration. She’s making a gingerbread fruit cake wreath. She works as a geography teacher in a school in London.  She’s added lots of ginger.

Helena, lives in Leeds, and has a baby daughter. She’s making a Fruit Bat cake, with bat wing decorations with dried prunes, and pecans.

Henry is studying English literature, and also sings at his local church. He is making a wood Street cake with lots of piped trees.

And the verdicts….

Priya – sunshine fruit cake – lovely colour, light, summery, gorgeous citrus flavour, well baked

Jamies Easter cake – delicious, lots of marzipan, holds together beautifully. Fruit content perfect, great bake, great flavour

Henrys Wood Street Cake – Made a very good cake, texture beautiful, great cake.

Amelia – lovely definition, very moist, flavour absolutely lovely

Phil – Spiced cake – looks beautiful, quite spicy, flavours out of balance

Helena – decoration not right, very spicy, almost savoury, Paul quite liked it

Michelle – the icing was put on when the cake was still warm. Good colour. Texture a little bit tough, but flavour fantastic.

Steph – Great looking cake, very nice, delicious, apricot comes through beautifully.

Rosie – Cake looks a little bit sad, bit flat. overboard with the cinnamon. Back to the drawing board.

David – lovely looking, texture perfect, pull back on almond essence

Alice – Cake wreath – Hang it on a door, kick of ginger, pulled back a bit on ginger, nice idea.

Michaels – beautiful decoration, flavour absolutely there, great tea cake

Michaels Fruit cake on Week One of GBBO – Pic by

Dan – Jamaican cake – cake is raw. Alcohol tastes nice, but the bake not right.

In Part Two with have the Technical challenge and the Show Stopper bake results….

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