Possible Eastenders star exit, as we see dramatic scenes for Mick Carter out on the football field

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Eastenders pub landlord, Mick Carter (played by Danny Dyer) is about to have his own massive, (possibly final???) storyline coming up at the end of this week in Eastenders…Dun dun dun dundundundun…..

The Eastenders spoilers team, have revealed that the landlord of the infamous Queen Vic pub will have his own health crisis as he referees a children’s football match with Mitch Baker.   Earlier in the day, we see Mick heading out for a run, but we see him very quickly struggling, and Bex Fowler tries to intervene to give him some advice and tips on his technique. Photos released, show Mick gripping his chest and dropping to the ground, that may indicate he has had a heart attack.  This all happens as Mick has just had an argument about a foul during the match. He walks away from the argument, but then collapses.

Eastenders spoiler Danny Dyer
We’ve seen Mick deal with a lot of the usual Eastenders stressful dramas throughout the past few months, so has it all taken its toll!  He has cheated death before, but will he survive this! His fate has not been revealed yet!

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