Pierce takes the blame for the Neighbours car accident, but will it change things???

Current affairs writer and sports fan with a thing for Aussie soaps. Yes, I occasionally write about Neighbours #kylierules

Recently on Neighbours we saw Hendrix, son of Pierce Grayson, steal his dads car and end up crashing it. Pierce is fiercely protective of his son, now that he wasn’t there for Hendrix growing up, and Hendrix is now living with Pierce.

Hendrix had crashed the car into Lassiters and ended up hurting Harlow Robinson. Pierce is concerned over what this may now mean for Hendrix’s future. When the crash happens, Pierce is there, and quickly tries to pull his son from the wreckage. Roxy also runs over to try and free Harlow from the tent which has collapsed in the wreckage. Harlow has to get taken to hospital immediately and it turns out that she only has some minor injuries.

Hendrix at first does not even seem that sorry for what happened. His attitude towards the whole thing really annoys Pierce even more. Paul ends up ranting and shouting at Hendrix for what he has done, and how he has hurt his granddaughter Harlow, and ruined any of the plans involving Lassiters. Surprisingly Pierce steps in to take the blame for his son, saying that it was his fault it happened, as he had asked Hendrix to park his car, and that the whole thing was an accident. When Hendrix hears this, it helps him to become closer to his dad, for not getting him into more trouble with the police. Will this be a start of a change between their relationship?

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