Ollie confides in Rosa, about his concerns

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Back on Casualty, David is struggling with having his son Ollie living with him full time after Ollie fell into a river, and David had to save his life.

David has a lot of demons of his own, and feels like he is out of his depth to be looking after his son all by himself. He struggles to make a bond with his son after what has happened. Ollie then makes the decision to ask Rosa round to their house to keep him company, and Rosa takes the opportunity to try to talk to Ollie about the angry outbursts he has been having. To try and help, Rosa asks Ollie to help her hand out some fliers, even though David had said that Ollie should not leave the house.

Drama strikes, as Rosa ends up getting run over by a scooter whilst in the park where they are giving out fliers. Ollie ends up accompanying Rosa to the Emergency room, and admits to Rosa why he has started acting rebelliously. Ollie is scared that he might inherit his dad’s bi-polar diagnosis, and he thinks he may already have it, because of his angry turns. Rosa tries to reassure him that lots of teenagers go through this behaviour and it is quite normal, but says he should try to talk to his dad about his concerns.

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