Nick Grimshaw Set to ‘Soap-Bomb’ Coronation Street

Nick Grimshaw is set to soap-bomb Coronation Street, East Enders and Emmerdale, while also shooting a cameo role for theAussie soap Home and Away.  The aspiring actor is definitely on the hunt and is being hunted for his talent. ITV is ecstatic at his success and will help him along every way they can.

Coronation Street


Yep – after filming a cameo for Aussie soap Home and Away, The Quiffed One’s gonna be heard screaming things along the lines of “YOU AIN’T MY MOTHER” (replace ‘mother’ with ‘volumising hairspray’) “GET OUTTA MY PUB” (replace ‘pub’ with ‘swanky London club’) and…er…”Alright, chuck. What’s fer tea?” (his normal voice, innit)

According to The Mirror, Grimmy’s gonna ‘pop up from nowhere’ in the soaps to make his momma proud. A source said: “Since taking over the breakfast slot, Grimmy had done really laddy things on the show, like training with Tottenham Hotspur, and his mum wasn’t too fussed about those celebrities. So he decided to infiltrate all her favourite shows.

“Most of the soaps have been really keen to invite Nick on. He’s gone along, filmed his bits and chatted about the ones he’s done on air. It’s great for the profile of the shows.”

Amazing. Oh, and apparently he’s got his eye on Hollyoaks too.

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Nick Grimshaw is set to appear on a host of soaps as Coronation Street isn’t enough for him. Well, he has many fans and why should  he limit himself? We wish our best to Nick Grimshaw and his DJ exploits.