Neighbours welcomes a newcomer – Hendrix

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Neighbours will be welcoming another regular newcomer to Ramsey Street in the guise of Hendrix who is Pierce Grayson’s son.   He is played by actor Benny Turland, and will be making his first appearance later in September. 

Hendrix will be arriving onto the scene just as Chloe has decided she will reunite with Pierce, after splitting from her short relationship with Elly Conway.  Her decision is based on the news that her mum Fay who has huntington’s disease, is getting worse. Elly decides that life is too short and she should make the most of her life.

Although Chloe initially enjoys the time she is spending with Pierce, he starts to act strangely when he keeps getting mysterious phone calls, but of course this is the introduction of Hendrix, who has just been expelled from boarding school.

Pierce had never mentioned his son to Chloe, so he has to come clean about his relationship with Hendrix mother Lisa. Pierce was barely involved in the childhood of Hendrix, but he now might get a chance to make up for that.  As you would expect, Hendrix isn’t too keen to get to know his dad who has neglected him for so long, and wants to cause trouble in his new love life. He does this by making a move on Chloe, which is a bit unsettling. What does the future hold for this father and son?

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