Neighbours spoiler – Who viciously attacked Paul Robinson?

Paul Robinson, long term favorite on Neighbours, played by Stefan Dennis, has been left for dead, laying by the lake, after being bludgeoned by a blunt object. At the moment Paul thinks that Gary Canning may have been the culprit, but he will be shocked to find out who the real culprit is. Roxy had also assured everyone that she had seen him do the attacked. However we later see Sheila discover the weapon itself, a crowbar, found in amongst rubbish.

Amy stood up for Gary, knowing that he wouldnt hurt a fly, let alone do someone as drastic as to attempt to murder someone. It later comes to light that Roxy was lying and that she knew who the true identity of the weapon wielding person was.

We find out that it was Vance, who had taken action as he thought he had seen Roxy trying it on with Paul. Vance felt he wanted to teach Paul a lessons. Roxy started to feel guilty about accusing someone else, so out of guilt, she decided to retract her statement. Vance then goes on the run. Roxy does the right thing and contacts the police, however, is it too little, too late? Also when Paul finds out, will Vance regret what he did?

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