Nate is left reeling from losing both relationships

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Nate Robinson who has been secretly liasing with Moira Dingle, has been hinting his intentions, in the latest episodes. Nate who is played by Jurell Carter, is now juggling 2 different women. Nate is dating Amy, daughter of Kerry Wyatt, who are the pair that actually started the factory fire accidentally.
Kerry found out that he was cheating on Amy, with Moira Dingle, when she caught them in the act in a caravan on the farm. Amy is now using this information to bribe Nate to keep quiet about the fact he knows it was Kerry and Amy who started that fire.

Kerry knows that Nate would face a lt of trouble from Cain if he was to find out. Kerry told Nate he has to end it with Amy, gently.
Whenever Nate tries to do this, Amy questions him, and wonders if it was because he learnt the truth about the fire and how that fire ended up killing Frank Clayton.

When Moira found out that Nate had dumped Amy, he wondered if it was because Nate really wanted to be with her only. However Moira was worried that their fling was getting a bit too serious, and she decided to end things with Nate as well.

Nate is now left reeling from losing both relationships, so will he seek revenge to make up for it…

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