More details emerge about the aftermath of the devastating factory fire on Emmerdale

We have another Emmerdale spoiler, that there will be another huge storyline for the Sharma family. They have been left in the aftermath of the devastating fire, trying to find out what happened.  Jai Sharma who runs the business, will have his world flipped upside down after the blaze rips through the factory where they make sweets. This fire also leaves the business in ruins and causes a tragic death.

The aftermath of the fire will continue to run through the storylines for a few more weeks to come. Business-man Jai is left very upset over the whole thing, as it was a family business, and the family’s lives are inter-twinned into this business. The factory staff are also now left wondering if they are going to get paid, and will they have a job to go back to. The factory has now been left as a shell of a building which only the insurance will be able to help rebuild. Trying to claim the insurance is going to be an issue as Rishi had turned off the fire alarm shortly before the incident.  This incident will then put pressure on Jai’s relationship with his partner Laurel although he tried to keep his mind level-headed when making decisions about the future of the factory, unlike Rishi who thinks he can just sort it.

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