Mitchell hides his true feeling, in front of Walter

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In Hollyoaks this week, we will see Mitchell Deveraux tell a big lie about Scott Drinkwell as Cleo confronts him. We will see Mitchell let down his friend Scott by not defending him over his drag act.

Scott’s alter ego is called Anita Tinkle. Anita turns up as a surprise guest at a family gathering that the Deveraux family are having. Walter becomes very awkward as he can’t hide his disapproval of Anita, and ends up throwing her out.

Mitchell unfortunately does no speak out against his grandfather Walter, which annoys Martine and Cleo. Cleo then decides to have a go at Mitchell for acting so appallingly to Scotts alter ego.

Mitchell then ends up lying to Cleo, and saying that Scott actually made a pass at Mitchell, but Scott over hears this, how will he react.

As we’ve seen in a few episodes, Mitchell is actually starting to develop feelings towards Anita, and Hollyoaks have said that this will be the start of a relationship for the two.

Mitchell is hiding all his true feelings, and is not brave enough to stand up against his family, especially his grandfather, to tell them his true feelings. This is because Walter means a lot to Mitchell and he doesn’t want to disappoint him. Walter has helped out Mitchell so much, so Mitchell feels indebted to him.

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