Martin Fowler returns to the square, right into the hands of Ben!

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This weeks Eastenders will see long-standing character Martin Fowler, played by James Bye, return to the Square and falls straight into the hands of evil Ben Mitchell. Martin left a few weeks ago with his wife Stacey, when they went on the run, after Stacey hit Phil Mitchell over the head and left him for what she thought was dead.  Ben found the pair red-handed, after committing the attack, and found Phil lying lifeless.

We will see Martin return to the square after Ben blackmails Martin, and makes him his partner in crime. Martin is forced to do Ben’s dirty work as they are seen driving to a secluded warehouse.  However whilst they are in the midst of a crime, a white van blocks their only way out. Will they try to flee?

Stacey, played by Lacey Turner, will not be seen returning for a few months, as in real life, she has just had a beautiful baby, and will now be on maternity leave. In the programme, she is now leaving her family to face the consequences of her actions.

Meanwhile, Phil is still trying to put all the pieces of his memories back together, trying to figure out who attacked him. Ben, out of jealousy, tried to make him believe that it was Keanu Taylor who attacked him.  Keanu then went on the run with Phil’s daughter Louise, which made suspicions about him even greater, however Phils memory is starting to come back, and he knows he fought with Kat slater that day. What’s in store for Kat???

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