Mandy is up to her money making tricks!

Aspiring romance writer with a number of short stories being published May 2020 and freelance reporter on all things UK. Guilty pleasures are soap and celebrity gossip and 80's cheese ; think A-ha and Nick Kershaw.

Mandy has money on her mind! Since coming back to the dales with all the Casino chips, which she later lost to Aaron who kept them, Mandy has been thinking of the next money making scheme. Mandy and Vinnie appear to have been quite desperate in their search for more money.

Vinnie finds out that Samson’s school is offering a prize of £5,000 to a winning project, and has his eyes firmly set on helping Samson, so he can cash in on the money.

However this isn’t the only way that Mandy is thinking of getting some money. Mandy meets a solicitor who is looking for a Lydia Hart, as she has been gifted a huge sum of money. Mandy immediately sees this as a money making opportunity and pretends to be Lydia. Mandy starts flirting with the solicitor in a bid to try and win him over to hand over the cash, however Sam and Lydia then arrive and Mandy starts to feel guilty. Will she keep up the farce, or will Sam and Lydia find out what she has been up to?