Love Island viewership drops among controversy

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The producers of the hit reality show Love Island may be having some sleepless nights as viewership has steeply dipped from previous peaks.

Sunday’s debut winter episode was 2.51 million, which sounds impressive, but is far below the 3.3 million people that tuned in to last season’s debut.

Some people have pointed out the timing of the season as a potential factor. Summertime’s Love Island has become a tradition to many British TV watchers, but this season is being shown during the winter for the first time.

More controversial possibilities seem more likely to be at blame though.

The selection of applicant Ollie Williams was met with uproar when multiple pictures of him posing with hunted dead animals were found online. Hunting big game is a guaranteed way to turn the public against you but the show’s producers were adamant their choice of contestants would see through the series.

Some people pointed out Ollie’s family wealth that may be helping to compensate for any hits to publicity his appearance might be causing.

Ollie saw some Karma come back to bite him when none of the women stepped up to show that they fancied him.

Viewers have also questioned the seeming wider selection problem of nepotism. Not for the first time, but perhaps at its most blatant, many contestants have famous ties that have made people question why they were selected.

A couple of the contestants live normal lives such as working as a scaffolder, but for the majority, there are links to stars such as Lewis Capaldi, Tyga and Rochelle Humes.

We’ll have to wait to summer if we want to see whether ratings pick back up at the right time of years.

With around 300 Ofcom complaints already though, people seem to be particularly unhappy with the selection process. Most so with Ollie.

Hopefully, they can select the right people next time.

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