Keanu set to leave Eastenders with a bang

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Some sad news has come out today, as Danny Waters has announced his Eastenders character Keanu Taylor will be leaving the show before the end of the year.

Keanu’s storyline has certainly been building up to a climactic ending. A clash with Phil Mitchell seems guaranteed to happen before Keanu’s time up. Phil’s wife Sharon has known for some time that she’s pregnant with Keanu’s baby. As if the affair hadn’t been bad enough!

The drama has had few consequences that match up to the gravity of the situation. The BBC’s trailers have been showing that’s all going to change come Christmas as Phil finds out about what’s been going on. It looks like Keanu will be going out with a bang.

The actor has said that he’s not leaving due to any problems with the show. He’s made the decision in order to allow him to pursue other projects. After acting on the show for over two years, he’ll certainly be missed. He expressed a great deal of admiration for the team that he’s worked with during that time saying that they were “the most fantastic creative team” and that he “will miss them and my fellow actors immensely.”

The young actor has been a big hit on the show, despite becoming a marriage ruiner, and is set to go on and do great things on-screen elsewhere.

Talking about how his character’s storyline will be wrapped up, he’s promised a lot of excitement. He says that the “bubbling” story is about to get “much more serious, much more darker, and much more interesting”. He understandably couldn’t reveal the exact details of how everything will unravel, but we do know it’s not going to be one to miss.

It’s going to be a shame to see him gone, but at least we’ll get the most exciting Eastenders episodes in a while!

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