Kate Middleton talks about her baby


Kate Middleton was present at the St Patrick Day’s Parade in Aldershot, where she opened up about her pregnancy while talking with sympathizers. She wore a traditional green coat for her and Prince William annual trip at the St Patrick’s Day Parade. The Duchess of Cambridge decided to recycle the same coat she wore last year, but this time she had something new on it: her baby bump. William, wearing a ceremonial dress, attended the parade as Colonel of the Regiment and was proudly watching how his lady was presenting traditional sprigs of shamrock to the officers and guardsmen, before receiving one himself.

After the celebration, Kate started to chat with the guardsmen, and one of them, Lee Wheeler, revealed that she talked about her hopes for the future baby. Mr Wheeler shared with her he misses his 22 month old baby, and asked her if they know the gender of the baby. I asked her ‘do you know if it’s a girl or boy’, and she said ‘not yet’. She said ‘I’d like to have a boy and William would like a girl’. That’s always the way, the guardsman recalled. I asked her if she had any names yet and she said no. I said I suppose you’ve got to stick to traditional names. This was the first time Kate answered the big question about the gender of the royal baby, since the rumour that she and Prince William are expecting a girl went global.

The Duchess went on and talked with Sergeant Thomas Laven, who is also a new dad, who congratulated her and warned her that she has many sleepless nights ahead, to which she replied that she is prepared for it.