James kicked off the Celeb camp

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Last night saw heartbreak for James Askell as he got booted out of the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here camp.

The ex-rugby star has had a tumultuous time on the show. His temper has been questioned by some, but others have claimed that the way the show has been edited makes his behaviour appear worse than it actually is.

Whilst on screen it was made to seem that James’ relationship with his campmates was tense most of the time, the reactions when he left paint a different picture. Other members in the camp were visibly upset at his departure and didn’t seem to act in the way you’d expect if they disliked him.

Earlier in the episode we’d seen him bantering with Myles, calling him a “stinky little teenage boy” after the RakSu member exclaimed how long it’d been since his last shower.

We also saw James getting along well in the evening when he performed at the Jungle Panto as a panto dame, helping to win the team a treat and getting them access to the Jungle Arms to have a drink and relax.

Although Twitter has been rife with criticism, James’ departure leaves questions about how well he got along with everyone off camera. His wife, who was awaiting him sobbing with open arms said that he’s probably got no idea what storm has been kicking off over him.

Although he was the favourite to leave, it has raised some questions on how accurate the story we’re shown is. Are there some mean people that come across as lovely after the edits, or are do the contestants that viewers think look grumpy usually deserve it?

We might never know for sure but hopefully, James will come out with his side of the story once he gets a chance to watch everything back over.

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