Jamelia set to join Loose Women

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The classy R n’ B singer will join ITV’s Loose women team as a regular panellist starting this week

Jamelia is best known for her music with 8 UK top ten singles and winner of several MOBO awards she is well known across the globe for her catchy songs, powerful voice and of course her stunning looks. But unlike some other pop stars Jamelia has also revealed a shining personality beneath all the glitz and glamour. She has appeared on several comedy quiz shows and fit right in alongside comedians such as Jimmy Carr and Noel Feilding proving herself to be more than capable of keeping up with the wit and banter that goes along.

Now the 32 year old has decided to make a more permanent move into television and is readying herself to take on her biggest TV challenge yet –by becoming a member of the Loose Women panel. Jamelia is said to be ‘chuffed’ at the prospect of co-hosting the daytime television show.  She is extremely excited about moving away from the singing/ song writing aspect of her career and unveiling a new side of herself. She said:

“I’m really looking forward to sharing my thoughts and feisty opinions with the other women and the viewers and can’t wait to get my teeth into some great debates and to discuss issues that really matter.”

Clearly with a clever head on her shoulders it seems as though Jamelia is set to take on the world. The programme is well known for its feisty, opinionated women who like not only to have a good natter, but to also challenge their guests and ask the difficult questions as well, and it seems that Jamelia will not be one to shy away and is certainly up for the challege.

Loose women has gone through quite a few changes over the past few months, with long term panel members Carol McGiffin and Denise Welch both retiring from the programme due to rumoured disagreements with the new direction ITV bosses wanted to take it in. However with fresh young faces such as Jamelia now on board it is likely to remain as popular as ever, if not more so. Jamelia will make her debut on the show today (Wednesday 27th November).

The 32-year-old star will make her debut later this week on Wednesday November 27.

Jamelia has protested in the past that there aren’t enough black faces on TV and she wanted ‘to change that’ –now she has the opportunity to really have her voice heard.

Jamelia has also recently signed up for another TV programme where she is a singer with the house band on I Love my Country –a fantastic new programme which brings together comedy and music and lively conversation.

Jamelia clearly has a more serious side, the mother of two has suffered some hardships in her earlier life her father was in and out of prision and put in jail for armed robbery. Her mother struggled raising the children on very little money, and her brothers got involved in violent gangs. Jamelia says she still also suffers from racisim in her home town of Birmingham. However she is determined to let nothing stand in her way and despite being a single mum, providing a stable and happy life for her children.

With a successful singing career behind her and now branching out into television we are sure she will go from success to success.

Jamelia said : ‘I don’t want my kids to believe they can only be a pop star or sportsperson, I want them to believe they can be anything they want to be. That was my main reason for saying yes to this programme.’

I Love My Country is hosted by Frank Skinner, Gabby Logan and Micky Flanagan as they battle it out trying to prove who knows the most about Britian and who loves their country best.

Despite her TV career taking off music fans do not worry! Jamelia is not quite ready to give up music altogether, which was after all her first love. In fact the singer is currently in the middle of writing a brand new album as well as apparently currently negotiating being a judge on The Voice.

With her megawatt smile, bubbling personality and quick wit, we are certainly looking forward to seeing more of Jamelia on our TV screens so look out for her stirring things up on the Loose Women Panel now!

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