ITV’s X Factor finalists have been chosen –but who are they?!

The final 12 are picked for the live shows, find out tonight who got through.

Well it’s finally happened, it’s finally here. The moment all X Factor enthusiasts have been waiting for, where the untalented, boring and often just plain crazy acts have all been weeded out of the competition and we are left with the final 12 acts who now face the ultimate pressure of the live shows.

After a grueling few days at the judges houses the final few were chosen. Some tough decisions had to be made and it was not without the usual X-Factor drama to keep audiences entertained and on the edge of their seats as the contestants battled it out to secure a place in the finals and continue to live out their dreams of becoming the next big pop star of pop band.

So who made it through? Well we find out tonight!

Olly Murs image
Olly Murs X factor runner up helps at this years judges houses

X Factor bosses have done their ultimate best not to let any slips or press leaks ruin the tension as the X Factor is aired tonight where the fabulous final twelve will be revealed to the world.

However already the rumour mill is on fire with reports saying that funky new girl band Xyra have accidentally let slip that they are already in the finals by tweeting a picture of band member Sasha falling off a chair with the words sashaxyra falls off a chair –AGAIN #rehearsals. Surely this can only mean one thing? The girls were whisked off to Gary Barlow’s pad in New York for the judges houses where he, with the help of previous X Factor winner and friend Olly Murs, decided on which of the bands to take through. Whether it was a slip or not the girls certainly seem to be in high spirits and having fun!

All will be revealed this weekend where all twelve finalists will be revealed, then the usual glamorous makeover will take place to set the competition really rolling ahead of the first episode of the live shows which will take place on the twelfth of October –we can’t wait!

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