iTV TV Guide

Welcome to the iTV TV Guide where you can find all the TV listings for your favourite shows! UK television is amongst the best in the world (arguably the best!) with top television programmes being watched by millions of viewers regularly across the UK. Many hears ago I remember going to the shops to buy the TV Times and the Radio Times – two TV guide magazines which catered for all the channels….all four of them!

itv tv guideIn the 1990’s Sky television started to become popular and VCR video recorders & players had become the norm (anyone remember the code you used to type in to try and record a future programme? That was sooooo futuristic – I loved it; state of the art!). You used to scan the TV guides with a highlighter so you could then go through and record your chosen programs (always plenty of arguments to be had as you could only record one at a time. In those days the TV Times was the iTV TV Guide and the Radio Times was the BBC guide (channel 1 & 2)…I cant quite remember about channel 5! All have great tv competitions which you can find at

ITV TV Guide : Morning & Daytime

Some of my favourite shows are on ITV, even as a child I remember hiding behind the sofa getting changed for school whilst GMTV played in the background (I was afraid Lorraine Kelly or Eamonn Holmes would see me in my pants!!). I used to love it when they turned up at someones house & surprised them….I always wished it would be mine, but it never was! These days GMTV has been replaced with Daybreak, and although it’s been getting a bit of stick recently, I still prefer it over the BBC offering as its more relaxed.

Moving on into the day is This Morning, which is pretty cool. I’m not too sure about Loose Women; bit hit & miss for me, however it is full of womenly chit chat! Real Deal just makes me laugh; it’s like Groundhog Day…and then you have the adverts in between and the guy in the ad (cant remember who it is for but think its something aimed at the over 50s) tries so hard to sound like Dickinson. Bless him!

ITV TV Guide – Gameshows & Talent

Gameshows and talent shows are always number one in my ITV TV guide. My current favourite is The Cube; I LOVE THE CUBE…makes me want to set up all the tests in my house…but my mum wont let me (even though I’m 35!!!). Only kidding. Seriously though, it’s a simple, but great show. The Chase is also good , so is Deal or no Deal & everyone enjoys Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!

As for talent, well Britains Got Talent is great craic – wash down with a glass of wine & you’re in for a good night, also used to love a bit of Blind Date (when it was good), although Take Me Out isn’t a bad replacement.

ITV TV Guide – The Favourites

OK, they are not my favourites as I’m not into soaps, however the biggie has to get a mention; Coronation Street – everyone seems to love this ITV fave! Can’t comment too much as I don’t watch them!

The ITV TV Guide To Shows I Don’t Like

Won’t give too much attention to this as everyone has their own taste, but Im’ really not a fan of Jeremy Kyle Show (too many arguments & agro) and I’m not big into Celebrity Juice…but you might love it.