ITV Newsreader Holds “Boobs Party” before Double Mastectomy

It’s a sad but funny story; ITV Newsreader Bridgid Nzekwu decided to have a ‘boobs party’ to celebrate and say goodbye before undergoing a double mastectomy. Not fun at all, and very sad. But you have to admit, having a boobs party is a great idea in that situation. We wish the best to Bridgid Nzekwu.  You are a surviver, keep it up!

Boobs Party

A newsreader from ITV has revealed she held a “boobs party” before she underwent a double mastectomy. She was diagnosed with cancer and decided to say good bye to her breasts by arranging a party before going under the knife.

Bridgid Nzekwu was a teenager when she suffered from cancer. The disease returned after she developed a tumor in one of her breasts. After diagnosis, she decided to take the hard step to get both her breasts removed to reduce the risk of cancer spread.

She is 42-year-old and has shared her appalling experience through a diary published by the Sunday Times. She received double mastectomy in April.

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We wish Bridgid the best and applaud her candor and light attitude about the whole ordeal. Cancer is the most feared disease and when we see someone with Bridgid’s attitude, we think that’s great.

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