Its biscuit week on this weeks Great British Bake Off

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Its biscuit week on Great British Bake Off this week and its really pushing the bakers to the limit!

The 1st challenge, 2 and half hours to make 12 decorated chocolate bars, have at least one baked element and covered in chocolate! Rosie makes dog biscuits, so this might be right up her alley!

Paul says it all boils down to timing, and making sure the biscuit is sufficiently cool before adding the chocolate.

Henry – English student (Organ playing) is making Hazelnut shortbread with coffee and cardamon

Steph is using lots of coffee flavour, chocolate caramel macchiato biscuit bars.

Micheal is making Lemon and Rosemary biscuit bars, with gin icing

Rosie is making Mojito flavoured biscuits, but with no alcohol

Jamie (barman) who has a twin Alexis making cherry and caramel biscuits

Helena (a jewellery maker) – is making wicked witch fingers

Michelles making Cherry bakewell bars with raspberry

Alice is making honeycomb and peanut bars

David is baking coco-nutty bars. He is all into healthy treats!

Amelia is using rosehip in his bars. She is a fashion designer – Pistachio and almond biscuits

Phil is making orange cranberry and white fudge bars

Priya is making ruby Barfi biscuit bars

The judges verdicts –
Paul thinks Michelles are exceptional.
Amelias: were delicious.
Henrys: a little bit longer to set.
Davids: A little bit messy on the side.
Michaels: Neat, good texture about from the marshmallow. Genius lemon in the middle.
Steph: Fairly neat, very crumbly, but coffee flavour too strong
Phil: look a bit messy, a lot of sugar, pleasant flavour
Helena: Don’t look appetising, bit boring, lacking in flavour
Alice: look identical, very nice, tastes delicious
Priya: look unfinished, chocolate has a nice kick, but too thick
Jamie: awful lot of caramel, bit sickly
Rosie: Look magnificent, beautifully feathered, not too sweet. Paul thinks its delicious

The next challenge, the technical challenge, set by Paul, these are a favourite of his dads!
Make 12 fig rolls, with a soft biscuit dough and a lightly spiced filling, identical in shape and size!
They have an hour and a half to complete this challenge!

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