Is Jacob going to flee the Dale?

Emmerdale has covered quite a sensitive issue involving teenager Jacob Gallagher, and the woman Maya Stepney who was grooming Jacob. Jacob was being abused by Maya, and eventually Maya was brought to trial and sent to prison for 12 months behind bars for what she had done to the teenager. 

We saw a distraught Jacob in tears at the court after the verdict was handed down, and Maya didn’t give one last look to Jacob as he shouted to her. 

Now Jacob has received low GCSE grades as a result of his mind being elsewhere. The court rial has also made him turn away from his family and loved ones.  However Liv, Jacobs friend, has always stood by Jacob, even after she found out what was happening between him and Maya. After Liv had a seizure, Jacob said he would always be there for Liv, however Jacob is desperate to be with Maya, which may result in him trying to flee the Dale so that he can be with his groomer.   Liv seems to be the only person Jacob will listen too, however after her seizure, she has now been told by doctors that she may have developed epilepsy, so she now has her own health as her main concern.

Will Liv be able to persuade Jacob to stay, and look past his abusive relationship, and get close to his family again?

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