Irene reveals a traumatic event of her past, which explains her attack on Tommy

Back on the bay, we see irene struggling with the guilt of what she did to Tommy, although it seemed well deserved.  She has taken herself to the Police station to finally admit what she did, however, she now has the impending stress with her upcoming trial in court. 

Irene is not in a good place, and has already been snapping at Marilyn, played by Emily Symons. She has also been tempted to drink alcohol again, that was never a good mix. 

The only person who knows all the facts about what really happened, is Leah. So it is Leah who encourages  Irene to go down to the Police and actually tell them about a crime that happened to Irene years ago, that would account for why she did what she did to Tommy.  Irene had to build up a lot of courage to go and give a statement to Colby, in which she reveals, that years ago, she was actually abused as a teenager. The man who did this heinous crime is now dead, however Irene felt that it would give her some closure if she at least reported the crime.   Although irene has now reported the crime, she didn’t let Bella know that this had happened to her, even though it would explain Irene’s actions to Tommy. It was a traumatic event that she doesn’t want to keep reliving.

When the truth comes out about Irene being Tommys attacker, how will the rest of the community react?

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