Irene goes to the Police and Tommy regains consciousness

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On the bay, Irene is still keeping quiet about how she knows the John Doe in the hospital, not wanting anyone to really know it was her who viciously attacked Tommy. She hears Colby say, he is only a matter of time before they catch whoever did it. As Irene hears this, she is pushed to the brink and feels like she should now admit to doing the attack. She heads to the police station to reveal all and hands herself in, even though Bella says its a bad idea. She tells Colby of how Tommy had groomed his younger sister and was also attacked by Tommy. Colby takes Irenes statement and says that there will be a full investigation, and they will decide whether to press charges.

In the meantime Colby starts doing some investigation and finds Tommys laptop which contains photos of both Bella and other young girls. Tommy has regained consciousness in hospital, so Colby heads round to interrogate Tommy and put him under arrest. However Tommys testimony could be bad news for Irene.

Leah had wanted to let everyone know the truth that Irene had only attacked Tommy because of him grooming young girls. However Justin tells Leah, this could do more harm than good, so Leah decides to hold back.

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