Hollyoaks teaser – the suspects in the ‘Who shot Mercedes’ storyline

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Things are heating up for a massive storyline in Hollyoaks. Mercedes McQueen is due to get shot in a forth coming episode, that will lead to whodunnit style episodes coming up this autumn.

Hollyoaks have teased out a trailer with all the suspects, and here’s a roundup!

You may have seen in last nights episode that Grace Black finally exposed Mercedes for her hit and run accident, that left Grace fighting for her life! Grace obtained the recording from Harrys phone on which she admitted the accident. Grace played this at Harrys wake, thus leaving people thinking that possibly Mercedes killed Harry!!

Suspect 1: Grace Black
Motive: Mercedes left Grace for dead, after her hit and run!

Suspect 2: Sylver McQueen
Motive: He believes Mercedes cheated on him with Liam Donavan and possibly killed Harry

Suspect 3: Liam Donavan
Motive: He feels Mercedes used him

Suspect 4: James Nightingale

Suspect 5: Dianne O’Connor
Motive: Blames Mercedes for destroying Harrys life

Suspect 6: Joel Dexter

Suspect 7: Breda McQueen
Motive: She says he threatened young Harry, and cheated on her son Sylver

This is gonna be an exciting month in Hollyoaks, as her murder is played out, with so many people who have a motive to want her dead.

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